New Fleur du Cap winemaking team pursues regional excellence

Fleur du Cap has a brand new wine-making team at Die Bergkelder with new cellarmaster Wim Truter at the helm. He is supported by red winemaker, Pieter Badenhorst, Kristin Basson tasked with the white wines, and Annelie Viljoen who is in charge of the vineyards.

Truter, who has headed the Fleur du Cap red wine team since 2013, has taken over the reins as cellarmaster from Andrea Freeborough who moved to Nederburg. Badenhorst, an accomplished winemaker who helped define the white wines at Fleur du Cap during his tenure, has laid the foundation for the future direction with numerous awards and he looks forward to the challenges ahead with his crossover to the reds. In his place on the white wines, is talented Kristin Basson, a gifted young winemaker who cut her teeth as assistant winemaker at Nederburg after extensive post graduate studies and international winemaking experiences, most notable in the south of France, at a winery she helped design.
Looking after the vines to provide the new team with the right building blocks for the lauded Fleur du Cap Unfiltered and Bergkelder Selection wines, is viticulturist Annelie Viljoen. Viljoen has left the Zonnebloem team to switch places with Bennie Liebenberg, who has moved on to the Adam Tas cellar after 15 years at Die Bergkelder.

The team is fired up to pursue Fleur du Cap’s philosophy of regional excellence. Being in the enviable position of crafting wines from the pick of the crop from diverse regions of the Western Cape, the Fleur du Cap team can select vineyard sites that best express the sought after characteristics for each varietal and sense of place in their wines. Their affinity with nature, allowing the grapes to dictate the character of the wines is another aspect of their winemaking prowess that sets Fleur du Cap apart with richly layered wines of great complexity and finesse. True to their origins and varietal character, these wines bring a rich tapestry of flavours to life.
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